6. My favourite mascara.

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I have a new favourite when it comes to mascara actually...Or at least I'm obsessed with it right now, it's the
Hypnôse Doll Lashes mascara from Lancôme.
I feel that the lashes get a lot of colour, they get both volume and lenght, and they separate easily without any clumps!  

But since this was the first time I bought it, I don't really know how I'm gonna feel about it in a while, so my second favourite, that I have been using for a really long time, is the L'extrême mascara, also from Lancôme!

6. Which one is your favourite mascara?
7. What skin products do you use daily?
8. What hair products do you use daily?
9. Your favourite perfume?
10. Do you usually use false lashes? In that case, which ones are your favourites?
11. Which one is your favourite makeup brush?
12. List your favourite lipstick, lipgloss and lipliner!
13. What products are always in your handbag?
14. Where do you keep your makeup? Show your makeup collection!
15. Share your best beautytip.


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1:a kommentar, skriven , av Frida:

Ohlala! Det var ju bra, farligt, men bra ;) därför jag slapp det senast, prima. Kram

2:a kommentar, skriven , av Sandra:

Mascaran på översta bilden måste jag nog inhandla :) verkar vara omtyckt!

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