4. My favourite makeup brand + where I usually buy my makeup.

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-Which one is your favourite makeup-brand?
I could never pick just one favourite makeup brand because I like so many different. But I do have one product that I love so much, I don't think I would ever stop using it, and it's this one;
(It's also awailable in matte now, but I have really dry skin so it didn't look as nice on me)

This is just an awesome product! It creates the perfect base and feels so great on your skin (doesn't even feel like you're wearing makeup). I would recomend this to everyone out there! Everyone I know who tried it- loves it! :)
-Where do you usually buy your makeup?
I'm so happy that they have Sephora here in Italy because that's my absolut favourite place to buy makeup, they simply have everything! :)

4. Which one is your favourite makeup-brand? Where do you usually buy your makeup?
5. Which is your favourite colour on eyemakeup?
6. Which one is your favourite mascara?
7. What skin products do you use daily?
8. What hair products do you use daily?
9. Your favourite perfume?
10. Do you usually use false lashes? In that case, which ones are your favourites?
11. Which one is your favourite makeup brush?
12. List your favourite lipstick, lipgloss and lipliner!
13. What products are always in your handbag?
14. Where do you keep your makeup? Show your makeup collection!
15. Share your best beautytip.


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1:a kommentar, skriven , av Sara:

Om du vill ha ett budgetalternativ som är minst lika bra, om inte bättre - Prova tikei:s mineralfoundation. Jag tålde inte ids och fick vita prickar och irriterad hud av den. Ett tips till dina läsare också

2:a kommentar, skriven , av kaisa:

Hj hjärtat!! jag mår bara bra, så himla tråkigt väder hela tiden bara =) Hur mår du? Känns de bra i Cortina??

Ja visst är blusen superfin =) Love it!!

Miss you! Puss

3:e kommentar, skriven , av Soufi:

Vilken nyans använder du? :) Du har en trevlig blogg!

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