2. My favourite night time-look.

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Ahh, first of all- sorry for the crappy pictures, it's superhard to take pictures of your make up! Or maybe I'm just stupid?
Anyways. So this is my favourite night time-look (the eyeshadows are darker in real life)!
I like a simple base with more intense eyes! I love brown/gold/bronze coloured eyeshadows and a lot of highligter. One thing I really like is to put some highligter in the inner corner of the eye, it gives such a nice spark :) And also, I'm absolutely in love with my new mascara- Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes!
Products used:
Too Faced Eyeshadow in 'Honey Pot' (I use mine from this palette, but you can also find it here)
(All products are linked)

2. Whats your favourite nighttime-look?
3. Post a picture of yourself without makeup!
4. Which one is your favourite makeup-brand? Where do you usually buy your makeup?
5. Which is your favourite colour on eyemakeup?
6. Which one is your favourite mascara?
7. What skin products do you use daily?
8. What hair products do you use daily?
9. Your favourite perfume?
10. Do you usually use false lashes? In that case, which ones are your favourites?
11. Which one is your favourite makeup brush?
12. List your favourite lipstick, lipgloss and lipliner!
13. What products are always in your handbag?
14. Where do you keep your makeup? Show your makeup collection!
15. Share your best beautytip.


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Superfint! :)

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