Video: how I curl my hair.

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Så här kommer den då, min första "videoblogg". Haha, var snälla nu för detta är som sagt första gången jag filmar eller gör något liknande. Jag vet att den är lite "hackig" och jag ser helt kritvit ut av någon anledning...Min dubbelhaka och mina konstiga miner ska vi inte ens tala om haha! Men STRUNT samma: ni ser ju i alla fall hur jag gör :)
1. Brush through your hair and section it.
2. Now start taking little pieces of that section and curl. As you can see I curl AWAY from my face, a couple of cm from the roots, and I'm holding the iron vertical. I do one side first and when I reach the back of my head I start with the other side- so the curls "meet" at the back.
3. When one section is ready: spray lightly, secure it in a loose ponytail and then repeat. And repeat. And repeat...
4. At the top I'm doing the same again but when I reach the front sections i kind of twist the hair a little bit so the curls really go away from my face. 
5. Spray lightly and let the curls cool.
6. Brush trough, spray and then you're dunzooo!
So here it is, my very first "video blog". Haha be kind now, this is my firt time doing a video or anything like it! I know it's pretty "jumpy" and I look white as a ghost for some reason... We shouldn't even mention my double chin and the faces I make haha! But WHATEVER: at least you can see how I do it!